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The Tidbits Collection

Tidbits on Jewish Life for the upcoming year and beyond

This all-new release includes all of Tidbits including:

  • Taryag Weekly

  • Parashah in a Paragraph for each Shabbos and Yom Tov

  • Divrei Torah for the Table for each Shabbos and Yom Tov

  • Tidbits for Rosh Chodesh

  • Tidbits for each Yom Tov and special dates

  • Reminder section and Calendar section with information that is year
    specific and covers through Chodesh Sivan of 5784 (July 2024)


ALL NEW: Tidbits on the Lifecycle


The Tidbits Collection includes the Tidbits on the Lifecycle series which includes all you need to know about Simchos throughout life including Shalom Zachor, Bris Milah, Bar Mitzvah, Weddings, Sheva Berachos and everything in between.

The introductory price is only $9.99 and ships free with Amazon Prime!

Flip through a sample below:

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