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Jordan Air Drops Aid to Gaza

31 minutes ago
The Jordanian army conducts large-scale air-drop operation to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza, with plans to expand in collaboration with other countries in response to worsening humanitarian conditions.

Russia: Forces Capture Ukrainian Village Near Avdiivka

33 minutes ago
Russia's forces continue to make progress in eastern Ukraine, capturing the village of Severne near Avdiivka and striking Ukrainian manpower and equipment in the area, although Reuters could not independently verify the claims.

Trump Owes $112,000 For Every Day He Doesn’t Pay N.Y. Fraud Fine

39 minutes ago
Donald Trump's delay in paying New York state's $454 million civil verdict is resulting in significant daily interest accrual, as he files a notice of appeal in an attempt to challenge the ruling.

Israeli Officials Puzzled by Biden’s Optimism on Ceasefire Deal

about 1 hour ago
Israeli officials are skeptical of President Biden's remarks about an imminent ceasefire agreement in Gaza.

Biden and Trump Head To The Border For Dueling Visits Thursday

about 1 hour ago
President Biden and former president Donald Trump engage in a dueling border visit to Texas, blaming each other for chaos and immigration issues.

Does Your Business Gross Under $5 Million A Year In Sales?

about 1 hour ago
Watch this video to avoid costly daily penalty payments and receive valuable insights for navigating tax complexities if your business grosses under $5 million a year in sales.

New York Prosecutor Seeks Trump Gag Order, Jury Protections Ahead of 1st Criminal Trial

about 2 hours ago
Prosecutors seek gag order in Donald Trump's upcoming criminal trial to prevent disparagement of witnesses and jurors.

Hamas, Qatar Downplay Biden's Optimism on Gaza Truce Breakthrough

about 2 hours ago
Hamas officials downplay Biden's remarks on potential breakthrough in Gaza negotiations, citing significant gaps in key ceasefire and withdrawal issues.

New York Democratic Lawmakers Reject Proposed Congressional Map

about 2 hours ago
Democratic lawmakers in New York rejected a proposed congressional map, sparking a potential legal challenge and raising questions about the state's role in determining control of the House.

Wild Weather Hits Northwest With Snow Even as Midwest Gets a Taste of Summer

about 2 hours ago
Wild weather at the end of February brings record heat, blinding snow, and increased fire risk across the United States.

NATO's Chief Says the Alliance Has No Plans to Send Troops to Ukraine

about 2 hours ago
NATO Secretary-General rules out sending combat troops to Ukraine amid Western countries' considerations, focuses on providing non-lethal aid and support.

High Court Orders Netanyahu’s Govt. to Defend Decision Not to Draft Yeshiva Students

about 3 hours ago
Israel's Supreme Court questions government resolution preventing draft of yeshiva students, raising doubts on legality and enforcement.

Democratic Operative Admits To Commissioning Biden AI Robocall In New Hampshire

about 3 hours ago
Democratic consultant commissions AI-generated robocall impersonating President Biden in New Hampshire, triggering state investigation into potential voter suppression.

Watch: IDF soldiers eliminate terrorists who tried to hit them

about 3 hours ago
Soldiers of the 932nd Battalion Combat Team battle Hamas in northern Gaza, uncover weapons and tactics used by the enemy.

Spokesperson: No Venue Found for Public 'Farewell' to Navalny

about 3 hours ago
Alexei Navalny's allies face obstacles in finding a venue to pay their respects to the deceased opposition leader in Russia.

Lapid: We'll provide a security net for a hostage deal

about 3 hours ago
Yair Lapid will not join emergency government but may provide support for a hostage deal, saying joining the government would be a disaster.

Majority of Countries Argue Israel Violated Int'l Law

about 3 hours ago
The International Court of Justice heard arguments against the Israeli government, with majority calling for an independent Palestinian state, after U.N. General Assembly request for opinion on Israel's policies.

Man Jailed in Russian-Annexed Crimea For 'Rehabilitating Nazism'

about 4 hours ago
Man in Russian-annexed Crimea sentenced to prison for "rehabilitating Nazism" amid crackdown on unpatriotic behavior since start of Ukraine war.

Jewish leaders meet in Rome amidst antisemitism crisis

about 4 hours ago
European Jewish leaders call for action to address rising antisemitism in Europe and lack of government enforcement of legislation and commitments to protect Jewish communities.

Following missile barrage: IDF destroys Hezbollah military site

about 4 hours ago
IDF fighter jets launched airstrikes on Hezbollah targets in Lebanon following multiple rocket launches into northern Israel, with no damage or injuries reported.

Hamas Weapons Facility Found, More Terrorists Killed in Gaza

about 4 hours ago
Israeli forces conducted targeted operations in the Gaza City district of Zeitoun, locating and destroying Hamas weapons manufacturing facilities and eliminating terrorists in tunnels and operational centers, as well as seizing weapons and destroying strategic sites.

Bennett: War is not about numerical comparison

about 4 hours ago
Piers Morgan interviews Naftali Bennett, criticizing Israel's response to massacre as disproportionate in terms of casualties.

Biden: Hoping for Gaza Ceasefire Soon

about 4 hours ago
Israel has agreed to pause attacks on Gaza during Ramadan, with hopes for a temporary ceasefire and potential truce deal including a prisoner-hostage swap with Hamas.

Report: IDF Believes Sinwar Still Hiding in Gaza Tunnels

about 4 hours ago
Israeli officials are working to capture Yahya Sinwar, the alleged mastermind behind recent attacks, who is believed to be hiding in tunnels in Gaza with hostages as human shields, posing a challenge to his capture.

Early Morning Barrage on Mount Meron Airbase

about 5 hours ago
Hezbollah launches rockets at northern Israel in retaliation for Israeli airstrike in Lebanon, escalating tensions between the two countries.

Municipal Elections in Israel Underway

about 5 hours ago
Municipal elections are being held across Israel, excluding areas near the northern border and Gaza due to ongoing fighting, with extensive security measures in place to ensure voter safety.

Israel limits UNRWA aid shipments

about 5 hours ago
Israel reduces aid to UNRWA and shifts focus to other organizations, signaling intention to minimize UNRWA's role in Gaza.

In Washington State, Holocaust education bill falls flat

about 5 hours ago
A bill to mandate Holocaust education in Washington state's schools failed after debate over potential references to Israel's war with Hamas.

Hezbollah: We attacked Israeli military base

about 6 hours ago
Hezbollah fired rockets towards northern Israel, claiming it was in response to attacks near Baalbek, Lebanon; no injuries reported.

9-year-old girl missing in Tzfat

about 6 hours ago
Nine-year-old girl from Tzfat missing and considered in mortal danger, extensive search effort underway with Israel Dog Unit's assistance.

IDF apprehends terrorists attempting to flee with civilian population

about 6 hours ago
IDF ground troops conduct targeted raids in Gaza, eliminating terrorists and destroying weapons facilities in joint operations with the IAF.

Father of lone soldier killed in terror attack runs for Senate

about 7 hours ago
David Lubin, a father of an Israeli soldier killed in a stabbing attack, is running for Georgia state senate after the Democratic incumbent did not support a bill combating antisemitism.

Watch: Biden eats ice cream while discussing hostages in Gaza

about 8 hours ago
US President Biden hopeful for ceasefire in Middle East conflict after discussing potential prisoner swap deal at ice cream parlor.

Op-ed: The mercy behind Shakespeare's mask of antisemitism‏‏

about 8 hours ago
The current performance of Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice in London is secured by police due to antisemitic threats, shedding light on the complex portrayal of the Jewish character Shylock in the play.

Israel estimates: Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar hiding in Gaza

about 9 hours ago
The IDF is determined to locate and capture Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar, who is believed to be hiding in tunnels beneath Khan Yunis surrounded by hostages.

WATCH: CBS News Report About YU-Affiliated Einstein Donor's Amazing Generosity

about 10 hours ago
A heartwarming act of generosity provides free medical school tuition in perpetuity, challenging any potential protest from anti-Semitic individuals.

Harvard alumni sue over ‘unrestrained’ Jew-hatred

about 10 hours ago
Ten Harvard alumni are suing the university for failing to address antisemitism on campus, leading to a devaluation of their diplomas and a toxic atmosphere for Jewish students.

New Hope Minister: No to elections, they will lead to unnecessary chaos

about 10 hours ago
Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton discusses Israel's challenges and the need for unity in the face of ongoing conflict and political uncertainty.

Israel holding municipal elections amid the war

about 11 hours ago
Over seven million Israelis are eligible to vote in municipal elections, with polling stations open throughout the country, except in war-affected areas, and potential delays in results due to increased reservist participation.

US Rep. Andy Kim sues over what he calls New Jersey's 'cynically manipulated' ballot system

about 11 hours ago
U.S. Rep. Andy Kim files lawsuit against New Jersey's primary ballot design, claiming it unfairly favors candidates backed by political party leaders.

WATCH: Rosh Yeshiva Chokes Up When Naming Great-Grandson After His Fallen Son

about 12 hours ago
Rabbi names great-grandson after son killed in battle, emotional video captures heartbreaking and heartwarming moment.

WATCH: Antisemitic Protesters Heckle Jerry Seinfeld on New York City Street

about 12 hours ago
Jerry Seinfeld faced antisemitic protesters chanting angrily at him over his support for Israel as he left a Jewish event in New York City.

Saudi Arabia denies its minister met Barkat

about 12 hours ago
Saudi Arabia denied a meeting took place between its commerce minister and Israel’s Economy Minister despite video evidence, but normalization talks may resume after the Gaza conflict.

Sinwar is Hiding in Gaza, But Killing Him Risks Hostages, Officials Say

about 12 hours ago
Israeli military is determined to locate and neutralize Hamas leader Yehiya Sinwar, believed to be hiding in tunnels in Gaza, surrounded by hostages, to end the ongoing conflict.

Ocean County Commissioners Gary Quinn and Bobbi Jo Crea Choose Not to Seek Reelection

about 12 hours ago
Ocean County Commissioners Quinn and Crea are not seeking reelection, making way for new GOP candidates Arace and Bacchione with ties to influential figure Gilmore.

Biden: ‘My Hope Is By Next Monday, We’ll Have A Ceasefire’

about 13 hours ago
President Joe Biden visited an ice cream shop in Manhattan and expressed hope for a ceasefire in Gaza by next Monday during an interview with Seth Meyers.

Don Trump Jr. Receives Letter Laced With White Powder

about 13 hours ago
Donald Trump Jr.'s Florida home receives suspicious letter containing white powder, prompting hazmat team response.

WATCH: College Football Player Sam Salz Discusses How He Keeps Kosher

about 13 hours ago
Jewish college football player Sam Salz shares how he keeps kosher while playing for Texas A&M, sitting out games on Shabbos and wearing a yarmulka under his helmet.