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Israel Alerts European Leaders on Hamas Threat

20 minutes ago
The Diaspora Affairs Ministry has sent letters to European leaders presenting evidence of terrorist activities linked to Hamas and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) in major European cities, highlighting the global reach of their aggression and calls for violence against Jews.

IDF Finds Huge Weapons Depot Near Northern Gaza Clinic And School

28 minutes ago
The IDF has found a large weapon depot in Gaza containing rockets, drones, anti-tank weapons, and explosives, located near a clinic and a school, further demonstrating Hamas's use of civilian infrastructure for terrorist activities.

Atmospheric River Soaks Pacific Northwest With Record-Breaking Rain and Unusually Warm Temperatures

29 minutes ago
The U.S. Coast Guard rescues five people in the Pacific Northwest as heavy rain and flooding close rail links, schools, and roads, and set daily rainfall and temperature records.

With 92 Democrats Voting ‘Present,’ House Calls Anti-Zionism Jew-Hatred

43 minutes ago
The US House of Representatives passed a resolution condemning global antisemitism, stating that anti-Zionism is a form of antisemitism.

Netanyahu Says Global Indifference to What Rights Group Calls 'Widespread' Sexual Crimes by Hamas

about 1 hour ago
Sexual assault was part of the Hamas and Gaza militant rampage during the October 7 attacks on Israel that killed 1,200 people, including civilians, and took over 240 hostages, as accounts given to The Associated Press show, but investigations are still trying to determine the full scope of the assaults.

Guardian: Hamas Had Detailed Plans Of Israeli Bases, 'Almost Certainly From Spies'

about 1 hour ago
Hamas terrorists were found with detailed maps of IDF bases, suggesting that they had inside information, as well as plans to target military locations in central Israel.

Fire on 57th Street and 20th Avenue

about 1 hour ago
Two people injured, one seriously, in a fire in a three-story house on 20th Avenue and 57th Street.

Man hit by rocket shrapnel near Gaza

about 1 hour ago
A man in his 60s is injured by rocket shrapnel during a barrage towards Israeli communities near the Gaza border.

UN comdemns Israel more than rest of the world combined

about 1 hour ago
The UN General Assembly has condemned Israel more times than any other nation on Earth since 2015, receiving 141 condemnations, while other countries received significantly fewer condemnations, according to data published by the UN Watch organization.

Emir of Qatar Accuses Israel of 'Genocide' in Gaza

about 1 hour ago
The Emir of Qatar accuses Israel of committing "genocide" in Gaza and criticizes the international community for inaction.

Yad Vashem Chairman: 'Any university that can excuse calls for genocide is doomed'

about 1 hour ago
The Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial organization criticizes the Presidents of Harvard, MIT, and UPenn for refusing to condemn calls for genocide against Jews on college campuses.

JBiz Expo & Conference to Take Place in Atlantic City

about 1 hour ago
The JBIZ EXPO & CONFERENCE 2023 in Atlantic City aims to unite communities through the power of commerce, with a diverse lineup of speakers and an emphasis on empowering women in the workforce.

Four Arrested In NYC, Accused of Attacking Jews

about 2 hours ago
Four individuals, including three teenagers, were arrested in New York City for attacking Jews and making antisemitic remarks.

Campus Leaders Struggle to Define 'Genocide of Jews' as Antisemitism, Harassment in Congressional Hearing

about 2 hours ago
University presidents testified before the House of Representatives on how to define expressions like "calling for the genocide of Jews" as bullying or harassment within their institutions' codes of conduct.

Biden Condemns 'Appalling' Hamas Crimes Against Women: 'World Can't Look Away'

about 2 hours ago
President Biden condemns Hamas's treatment of Israeli women, including reports of rape and mutilation, during and after the Oct 7th attack in Gaza and calls for the immediate release of all hostages held by Hamas.

Defense Ministry Marks Arrival of 200th Plane Carrying Military Gear for IDF

about 2 hours ago
The Defense Ministry has announced the arrival of the 200th cargo plane delivering essential military equipment to the IDF, with over 10,000 tons of supplies transported to Israel since the conflict began.

Mia Leimberg, released hostage, talks about her time in captivity

about 2 hours ago
Mia Leimberg, a teenage hostage in Gaza, discusses her experience and how her dog, Bella, provided support during her captivity.

IDF Intercepts Yemeni Missile Over Red Sea

about 2 hours ago
The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) intercepted a surface-to-surface missile believed to be from Yemen over the Red Sea, using the Arrow air defense system, causing alarms in Eilat but posing no threat to civilians or breaching Israeli territory.

Hostage’s mother: 'They shut me up because I wanted to support the cabinet'

about 2 hours ago
Iris Chaim, mother of a hostage in Gaza, criticizes the behavior and conduct of the war cabinet meeting, stating that it was well managed by interested parties attempting to create a rift between the families and the state.

Defense Min.: 200th plane carrying military equipment lands in Israel

about 2 hours ago
Israel's Ministry of Defense has announced the arrival of the 200th cargo plane carrying military equipment for the IDF, marking the culmination of a joint effort to support operational activities and ensure optimal operational capabilities.

New York Special Election To Replace Santos Scheduled For Feb. 13

about 3 hours ago
New York Governor Kathy Hochul has announced a special election to fill the House seat vacated by Congressman George Santos, who was expelled from Congress after being accused of crimes and ethical violations, with the winner serving the remainder of Santos’s term until January 2025.

IDF Releases Names Of 3 Soldiers Killed In Action, 1 In Road Accident

about 3 hours ago
The IDF has released the names of soldiers who died in battle in Gaza and in a military road accident, and has launched the third phase of its ground campaign against Hamas.

PHOTOS: Overturn Accident Takes Out Two Poles on County Line Rd. in Lakewood; Traffic Alert

about 3 hours ago
A driver in Lakewood was injured and two poles were knocked down in an early-morning overturn accident, causing the road to be closed for several hours for repairs.

Erdogan Warns Israel Over Targeting Hamas Members in Turkey

about 3 hours ago
Turkish President Erdogan warns Israel of severe repercussions if it targets Palestinian terrorists in Turkey, following comments made by the Shin Bet chief about pursuing Hamas leaders worldwide.

Two More Fallen IDF Soldiers Identified

about 3 hours ago
The IDF has announced the identities of four fallen soldiers and the initiation of the third stage of the ground campaign against Hamas in Gaza.

Smotrich Urges Further Delay in Local Elections Amid Ongoing War

about 3 hours ago
Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich of the Religious Zionism party has requested a postponement of nationwide municipal elections in Israel due to a large number of party candidates currently serving in the IDF reserves.

University leaders admit: Jewish students feel unsafe on campus

about 3 hours ago
The presidents of three top American universities testified in a congressional hearing, acknowledging that Jewish and Israeli students have felt unsafe on campus and that antisemitism is a serious problem, but did not define what kinds of antisemitic and anti-Israel speech could be formally disciplined on campus.

One of largest weapons depots in Gaza found near medical clinic

about 4 hours ago
Israeli soldiers have discovered a large stockpile of weapons belonging to Hamas near a medical clinic and school in northern Gaza, further demonstrating Hamas' use of civilian areas as shields.

Report: Hamas Had Intel From Spies in Israel Ahead of Attack

about 4 hours ago
Israeli intelligence suspects that the October 7 massacre in Israel was carried out by Hamas with the assistance of spies operating within the country, based on detailed maps and other information found in seized materials.

Knesset Committee Debates Closing Al Jazeera for Alleged Hamas Support

about 4 hours ago
The Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee discusses shutting down Al Jazeera in Israel due to concerns about incitement and support for Hamas.

IDF Uncovers Two Tunnels, Three Bomb Labs in Jenin Operation

about 4 hours ago
Israeli forces conduct overnight operation in Jenin refugee camp, apprehending 10 wanted Palestinians and discovering tunnels and bomb-making facilities, leading to clashes with Palestinian terrorists and the detention of 16 additional suspects.

Bereaved father warns: 'We must fight for unity'

about 4 hours ago
Yechiel Leiter, father of a fallen IDF soldier, and another bereaved father call for unity among the Jewish people and urge them to "come home" to Israel in a letter aimed at Israeli society and world Jewry.

Chana Katzir's Condition Deteriorates After Gaza Captivity

about 4 hours ago
Chana Katzir, one of the first Hamas hostages released, is in critical condition due to heart problems developed during her captivity in Gaza.

Reports: IDF Surrounds Home of Hamas Leader Sinwar

about 5 hours ago
IDF forces have surrounded a residence linked to Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in Khan Yunis, but Sinwar's current whereabouts are unknown.

IDF Uncovers One of the Largest Caches of Weapons During Gaza Operation

about 5 hours ago
The Israeli military has uncovered a large cache of weapons in the northern Gaza Strip, near civilian buildings, which it claims is evidence of Hamas using civilians as human shields.

Jewish group demands Virginia menorah lighting be reinstated

about 5 hours ago
The Simon Wiesenthal Center is demanding the reinstatement of a public menorah lighting in Virginia that was cancelled due to concerns about appearing to choose sides in the Israel-Hamas conflict, calling it an act of pure anti-Semitism.

Despite bus driver boycott, thousands attend pro-Israel rally in Ottawa

about 5 hours ago
Thousands of Canadian Jews gather on Parliament Hill in Ottawa to show support for Israel and condemn antisemitism, despite logistical issues and a rise in hate crimes against Jews in Canada.

NATO Member-To-Be Sweden And The US Sign Defense Deal

about 5 hours ago
Sweden has signed a defense cooperation agreement with the United States, granting the US access to all of Sweden's military bases and bolstering regional security as Sweden prepares to join NATO.

Yemen Missile Aimed At Eilat Intercepted in Red Sea Area

about 6 hours ago
A surface-to-surface missile launched by the Houthis in Yemen was successfully intercepted in the Red Sea by Israel's Arrow air defense system, posing no threat to civilians in Israel.

WATCH: Hostage's Relative Receives Bracha from HaGaon HaRav Landau

about 6 hours ago
The brother-in-law of Idan Shviti, who was abducted by Hamas to Gaza, visited a religious leader for a blessing and hope for his safe return, while another family struggles with the uncertainty of their son's fate after he was injured in the same incident.

Hostages: 'Special team analyzes every video, hears every story'

about 6 hours ago
Dr. Hagar Mizrahi is leading a complex process to analyze the medical condition of the hostages held captive by Hamas in Israel, which involves watching videos of the hostages and consulting with rabbis to reach a conclusion and provide accurate information to the families.

Under Putin, Russian Oligarchs Are Still Rich But Far Less Powerful

about 6 hours ago
Russian oligarchs, once seen as powerful shadow rulers, now have limited political power under President Putin, as demonstrated by their acceptance of his decision to invade Ukraine, leading some analysts to believe that Putin aims to create a new generation of wealthy figures who are loyal to him by redistributing wealth and control from the existing oligarchs.

Daughter of released hostage: Mother's condition deteriorated due to her time in captivity

about 6 hours ago
The daughter of a woman recently released from Hamas captivity claims that her mother's medical condition has worsened due to the harsh conditions and starvation she experienced while being held hostage.

ROCKETS THAT REACH TEL AVIV: Largest Weapons Cache Found Since War's Start [Video]

about 6 hours ago
IDF soldiers discover a large weapons cache in Gaza near a civilian neighborhood, consisting of missiles, RPG launchers, anti-tank missiles, explosive devices, grenades, and drones.

Freed Hostage Is In Serious Condition Due To Privations Of Captivity

about 7 hours ago
Chana Katzir, who was recently released from captivity in Gaza, is hospitalized in serious condition due to the harsh conditions she endured during her captivity and is also dealing with the devastating news of her son's murder and her husband's murder.

Ex-Alaska Airlines Pilot Accused Of Trying To Cut Plane's Engines Midflight Indicted

about 7 hours ago
A former Alaska Airlines pilot accused of attempting to cut the engines of a flight has been charged with 84 counts of endangerment, but is no longer facing attempted murder charges.

Greetings from Antiochus Epiphanes: Researchers find rooftiles from Hanukkah period

about 7 hours ago
Archaeologists have uncovered the earliest evidence of ceramic rooftiles in the Land of Israel, dating back to the 2nd century BCE and linked to the Greek Seleucid King Antiochus IV, known from the story of Hanukkah, providing insight into ancient construction traditions.

Air Force Identifies Eight US Crew Killed In Osprey Crash In Japan

about 7 hours ago
The Air Force Special Operations Command has identified the eight service members who were lost when their Osprey crashed off the coast of Japan and is now focused on recovering their bodies and the aircraft debris.