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Israeli F-16 Crew Grounded After Targeting Errors in Gaza

23 minutes ago
An F-16 fighter crew in Israel was grounded for three weeks after striking incorrect targets in Gaza due to "reference point errors" caused by failure to follow protocols and negligence in typing reference points.

Israeli Families to Sue UNRWA Over Complicity in Terrorism

about 1 hour ago
Israeli families affected by the Oct. 7 massacre are preparing to file a lawsuit in New York against UNRWA, accusing the organization of supporting terrorism and enabling Hamas to carry out attacks.

Report: Palestinians to Leave Gaza via Kerem Shalom Crossing for First Time Since War Began

about 1 hour ago
Palestinians in Gaza to be allowed to leave for medical treatment and humanitarian needs through Kerem Shalom crossing with security checks and coordination in place.

U.S. Military Faces Challenges in Defending Israel Against Hezbollah

about 2 hours ago
Gen. Brown warns of challenges in defending Israel against Hezbollah in potential wider conflict, as tensions in Lebanon escalate and U.S. works to prevent full-scale war.

Netanyahu Firm on Hamas Destruction, Prepares for Potential Hezbollah War

about 2 hours ago
Netanyahu willing to pause fighting in Gaza for partial hostage deal, but war will continue until Hamas is destroyed.

IDF Kills Hamas Weapons Specialist in Airstrike

about 2 hours ago
Israeli forces target Hamas weapons specialist in airstrike in southern Gaza, dismantling compounds and seizing weapons in Rafah.

12 tough questions and simple answers about Israel

about 3 hours ago
Gil Troy answers pressing questions and accusations about Israel, challenging common misconceptions and critics.

Top US general: US won't be able to help Israel in case of war with Hezbollah

about 3 hours ago
US Air Force General warns US will struggle to aid Israel in war against Hezbollah due to Iranian support and Hezbollah's capabilities.

Nesher Mayor: 'Plan for 72 hours without power; 4,000 missiles in a day'

about 3 hours ago
Roy Levi warns of potential long power outages in case of a major war with Lebanon and advises citizens to prepare for at least 72 hours without power.

Report: Russian ship spying on Israel's new submarine

about 3 hours ago
Russian spy ships are likely gathering intelligence on Israel's new submarine during sea trials, according to Naval News.

New Jersey: High school year book swaps photo of Muslims for photo of Jews

about 4 hours ago
An independent investigation concluded that a New Jersey high school yearbook's misprint of a photo of Muslim students in place of its Jewish Student Union was an unfortunate error, not an intentional act of antisemitism.

IDF eliminates significant Hamas terrorist in weapons manufacturing HQ

about 4 hours ago
IDF forces conduct targeted operations and eliminate Hamas terrorist responsible for weapons development.

Drama at the airport: Shooting suspect arrested - minutes before taking off for Dubai

about 5 hours ago
Israel Police arrested three suspects in connection to a shooting incident in Ka'abiyye, with one attempting to flee to Dubai but being caught at the airport.

F-16 squadron grounded for three weeks after striking incorrect targets

about 5 hours ago
An F-16 fighter crew was grounded for three weeks after striking incorrect targets in Gaza due to repeated "reference point errors" and protocol violations.

Germany: New gov't report notes sharp increase in antisemitism

about 6 hours ago
Rise in extremist crimes in Germany linked to Israel-Hamas war, with antisemitism and right-wing extremism on the rise.

WATCH: Democrat Congressman Wants to Serve Arrest Warrant to Netanyahu...When He Addresses Congress

about 8 hours ago
Democrat Congressman Mark Pocan offers to serve International Criminal Court's arrest warrant on Benjamin Netanyahu for potential war crimes.

WATCH FULL REPLAY: Maamad Kavod HaTorah in Lakewood for Visiting Gedolei Eretz Yisroel

about 9 hours ago
Massive maamad kavod haTorah in Lakewood featuring six gedolei Torah raising funds for yeshivos in Eretz Yisroel.

WE DON'T BELIEVE YOU: Lebanon Denies Weapons Stored at Beirut Airport

about 9 hours ago
Lebanese air transport association denies reports of Hezbollah storing weapons at Beirut airport, calling claims "deceptions and lies".

Netanyahu: Jewish Civilian Presence In Gaza: 'Not Realistic'

about 9 hours ago
Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu addresses the situation in Gaza, stating that the heavy fighting is coming to an end, and expresses willingness to secure the release of hostages without halting the conflict.

UPDATE: Arkansas Mass Shooting Appears to Have Been a ‘Random’ Act, Police Say

about 9 hours ago
A shooting at an Arkansas grocery store that left four dead and nine injured was described as a random and senseless act, with the shooter targeting victims indiscriminately.

Gallant meets Senator Lindsey Graham during Washington visit

about 11 hours ago
Israeli Defense Minister Gallant met with Senator Graham in Washington to discuss the importance of US support in dismantling Hamas, defending against Hezbollah, and bringing hostages home.

UPDATE: Subway Antisemite Identified

about 11 hours ago
Christopher Khamis Victor Husary, a repeat offender, has been identified as the antisemite who led a group in commandeering a subway car in NYC, demanding Zionists to identify themselves.

What a Study of 7 Million Speeches Tells Us About Heat and Language

about 12 hours ago
Politicians use simpler language in speeches on high-temperature days, potentially impacting cognitive performance.

Eight Talmidim of Hesder Yeshivas Tragically Fell in Past Week

about 12 hours ago
Eight Hesder Yeshiva students and alumni tragically killed in battle, plunging their respective yeshivas into mourning.

Women from the Shomron Raise Awareness about the Threat in Israel’s Backyard

about 12 hours ago
Women from HaTzofot organization in Yehuda and Shomron are working to raise awareness of security threats in the region, emphasizing the need for increased protection and offensive action.

BD’E – Hagaon Harav Moshe Wolfson, Zt”l, Mashgiach Ruchni of Yeshiva Torah Vodaas and Rav of Beis Medrash Emunas Yisrael

about 13 hours ago
Rav Moshe Wolfson, revered Mashgiach and leader in Torah Vodaas and Boro Park, passed away, leaving a legacy of Torah, emunah, and chassidus in the hearts of many.

Watch: Special priestly blessing for freed hostage Almog Meir Jan

about 13 hours ago
Rabbi Zion Cohen holds special blessing for Almog Meir Jan, recently rescued from Hamas captivity, and prays for all hostages to return to their families.

A Mexico City Neighborhood Keeps the Iconic Volkswagen Beetle Alive

about 13 hours ago
The classic Volkswagen Beetle, or vocho, continues to be a beloved and enduring symbol in the northern neighborhood of Cuautepec in Mexico City, despite dwindling numbers and challenges in finding parts for maintenance.

Lakewood Asifah of Gedolei Eretz Yisrael Launches Keren Olam Hatorah

about 13 hours ago
Gedolei Eretz Yisroel launch Keren Olam HaTorah fund to support mosdos in Israel, beginning with a massive asifah in Lakewood.

Cheder Chabad Florida receives an unexpected notice of eviction, leaving the Chinuch of 350 children hanging in the balance.

about 13 hours ago
Cheder Chabad of Florida faces eviction and unexpected challenges, but receives miracle opportunity to acquire a permanent campus in Boca Raton.

Attacks Reported on Synagogues, Church in Dagestan, Russia

about 13 hours ago
Synagogue set on fire and priest, law enforcement officers killed in attacks in southern Russia, with two militants killed and 12 officers wounded.

Twice bereaved mother: The enemy wants to annihilate us – we choose life

about 14 hours ago
Miriam Peretz draws strength from event honoring families who lost loved ones in war, emphasizing unity and resilience of Israeli society.

4 Killed, 9 Hurt in Shooting Outside Arkansas Grocery Store

about 14 hours ago
Four people killed and nine injured in a shooting outside a grocery store in Fordyce, Ark., with the gunman taken into custody after being shot by officers, leaving the community shocked and mourning the victims.

WATCH: Eerie Video Shows Alleged Saudi Spy Filming US Capitol and National Monument Prior to 9/11

about 14 hours ago
A newly unsealed video shows a suspected Saudi spy filming the US Capitol and Washington Monument, raising suspicions of Saudi government involvement in the 9/11 attacks.

'At UN, I spoke as a mother. I looked at the president and spoke to him as a father'

about 14 hours ago
Meirav Leshem Gonen, mother of a hostage held by Hamas, speaks out at the United Nations about her efforts to bring back her daughter Romi and all the hostages, despite challenges and frustrations.

Bibi: Jewish Settlement in Gaza 'Not Realistic'

about 14 hours ago
Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu says intense fighting in Gaza is ending, discusses potential military action in the north and expresses readiness for a ceasefire to bring back hostages, but rejects idea of Jews returning to live in Gaza.

Armed Militants in Dagestan Kill Priest and Police in Attacks on Churches, Synagogue and Police Post

about 15 hours ago
Armed militants attack churches and synagogue in Dagestan, killing a priest and six police officers, with blame placed on Ukraine and NATO by some officials.

Thousands of Iran-Backed Fighters Offer to Join Hezbollah in Its Fight Against Israel

about 15 hours ago
Thousands of Iran-backed fighters are poised to join Hezbollah in Lebanon's battle with Israel if conflict escalates, according to officials and analysts.

Tonight: First Wedding in Court of Emunas Yisroel

about 15 hours ago
Rav Moshe Wolfson's holy soul will be present at the wedding of his grandchild, son of the newly crowned Rav of Emunas Yisroel, in Monsey.

Lebanon Threatens to Boycott Pepsi Because Its ‘Pro-Israel’ Logo Is Offensive

about 15 hours ago
A new campaign in Lebanon is urging a boycott of Pepsi due to claims that the brand's new logo resembles the Israeli flag, leading to outrage and calls for Coca-Cola to be boycotted as well.

Family Whose Home Was Hit by Space Debris Seeks Damages from NASA

about 15 hours ago
A family in Naples, Fla. is seeking compensation from NASA after space debris from the International Space Station crashed through their roof, causing property damage and emotional distress.

Bereaved father: 'Herzi Halevi is a war criminal, I will haunt him'

about 15 hours ago
Itzik Bonzel vows to hold IDF Chief of Staff accountable for failures leading to Gaza massacre, declaring him a war criminal and demanding trial.

White House Associate Comms Director Decries Past Anti-Israel Remarks

about 15 hours ago
Tyler Cherry, the new White House associate communications director, faces backlash for past antisemitic social media posts, prompting calls for his resignation.

A Fourth Victim Has Died a Day After a Shooting at an Arkansas Grocery Store, Police Say

about 16 hours ago
Four people have died in a mass shooting at an Arkansas grocery store, with the suspect, Travis Eugene Posey, being charged with four counts of capital murder.

Real estate opportunity: What does life in Israel look like to you?

about 16 hours ago
Moshava offers luxury homes in the heart of Efrat's picturesque HaTe’ena neighborhood, combining modern convenience with classic elegance and a sense of community.

Netanyahu: Jewish civilian presence in Gaza: 'Not realistic'

about 16 hours ago
Netanyahu announces the end of intense fighting in Gaza and discusses potential actions to bring residents back home and advance a deal for hostages.

Gallant Meets with AIPAC in Washington

about 16 hours ago
Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant meets with AIPAC leaders in Washington to discuss strong U.S.-Israel alliance.

Ukrainian Drones and Missiles Kill 4 in Russia and Crimea, Fresh Bombing of Kharkiv Leaves 1 Dead

about 16 hours ago
Multiple casualties reported in Ukrainian drone and missile attacks in Russia-annexed Crimea and other Russian regions, prompting calls for bolstering Ukraine's air defenses.