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Daf Yomi learners that NeedPshat? on "today's Daf" have a dedicated channel to ask their questions, as well as follow and be part of all the leading Daf Yomi resources:

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- Share questions, answers, and discuss the Daf. 

- Communicate with your Shiur on your own private channel.

- Share announcements or talk in learning.

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Intro Video and Tutorial from

Ira Zlotowitz

Press Release

Klal Govoah Launches Slack Workspace for Daf Yomi Learners to Interact and Ask Questions


The inevitable questions that arise each day can pose significant challenges to Daf Yomi participants, a demographic that has grown exponentially in the past year.  Hoping to provide answers while keeping lomdim connected and engaged, Klal Govoah has introduced a dedicated Slack workspace that will provide a communication platform making Daf Yomi more accessible than ever before.  


Slack has fast become the number one business communication tool in many companies through its ability to facilitate group discussions and keep conversations focused by grouping questions in threads, quickly overtaking email and WhatsApp as the platform of choice. Harnessing Slacks’s capabilities and using it to resolve a common problem facing Daf Yomi learners seemed like an obvious solution to Ira Zlotowitz, CEO of Eastern Union and founder of Klal Govoah, whose ongoing efforts include using digital technology to promote Torah projects.   


“Those unanswered questions on any Daf are one of the biggest obstacles people face as they make their way through Shas,” noted Mr. Zlotowitz.  “Klal Govoah’s Slack workspace has a channel called ‘NeedPshat?’ that gives anyone the ability to raise a question and if another member of the group doesn’t come up with an answer for them within a relatively short time frame, Eastern Union’s magid shiur, Rabbi Shmuel Bernath, will step in to provide one.” 


The initiative is being launched l’zecher nishmas Rav Meir Yaakov ben Harav Aharon Zlotowitz z”l.


Categorized and functioning as a productivity App, Slack is TAG preferred, as it lacks the concerns posed by WhatsApp and other social messaging apps. In addition, Slack offers a website-based option, offering a rich menu of options that are available without a smartphone.  Every chabura can maintain a private channel on the Klal Govoah Slack to communicate and share announcements amongst their group or use a public channel to expand their reach, and as a free and user-friendly resource to keep the Daf Yomi community connected, the platform allows members and chaburos worldwide to talk-in-learning and communicate virtually.  


“By launching the Klal Govoah/Slack workspace, we are opening up an entirely new conversation, one that has the potential to include all of Klal Yisroel,” said Mr. Zlotowitz. “The possibilities here are enormous and we look forward to utilizing Slack to enhance the Daf Yomi experience.”


Visit to join the beta launch and be one of the first 500 participants on the Klal Govoah Slack channel to share your Daf Yomi questions, answers and pointers.

Launch a dedicated channel for your Shiur or Chabura 

 Share in discussions and announcements privately or open the channel publicly to expand your reach. 

Any member can create a private channel to communicate with other members. If you would like to create a public channel, please reach out to 

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