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Thank you for volunteering to review the Tidbits Haggadah and send comments. We have received over 50 comments that were incorporated and the Hagaddah is now complete for 2021/5781.


We are unfortunately unable to incorporate additional comments this year. However, we will be sending a survey after Pesach. Please note any comments you may have and submit them in the post-Pesach survey so that we can incorporate them in an updated version for next year.

Please click the "Download Now" button for the final Haggadah. You may print it or send it to your local Staples/Copy center to print.

It is our hope that the Tidbits Haggadah will enhance your Pesach Seder.  May we together merit to greet Mashiach speedily.

(We encourage you to share with your friends. However, please do not share a link directly to this page. Instead, share this link:

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