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New Daf Yomi Cycle Initiative
Dedicates Day of Learning in Memory
of ArtScroll Founder

By Sandy Eller

Extending the chain of learning begun by Rav Meir Shapiro as the 14 th Daf Yomi cycle begins anew, Klal Govoah aims to maximize Torah study by rallying Klal Yisroel to join Daf Yomi on the first day of the new cycle and experience its joy and fulfillment even for one day. The initiative is dedicated in memory of Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz z’l, whose efforts sparked an explosion of learning.

Revolutionizing Torah study through ArtScroll’s many volumes, Rabbi Zlotowitz made Gemara accessible to the masses and Daf Yomi an attainable goal. With the new cycle beginning on Sunday, January 5 th , Klal Govoah is recruiting an even larger number of people to start Daf Yomi with a free live stream that will give anyone, anywhere in the
world, the ability to participate as the daily learning program starts Maseches Brachos. Featuring a shiur by Lakewood Daf Yomi’s Sruly Bornstein, whose daily shiur is heard by thousands of digital listeners, the live stream will be co-hosted by ArtScroll, the Orthodox Union’s All Daf, Lakewood Daf Yomi and Eastern Union Funding.

“Whether you want to learn one daf, all of Brachos, or are thinking about taking on Daf Yomi, join us on January 5 th and learn that first daf together with Klal Yisroel,” said Ira Zlotowitz, founder and president of Eastern Union.

Mr. Zlotowitz has already seen that many are eager to participate in Daf Yomi, even if they are unsure about taking on a seven-and-a-half-year long commitment. A recent promotion run by Eastern Union as the current Daf Yomi cycle began its final masechta at the end of October saw some 2,300 people signing up to receive a free ArtScroll Schottenstein Edition Gemara so that they too could be participate in the worldwide Siyum HaShas and finish a mesechta.

Having witnessed that kind of enthusiasm for Daf Yomi, Klal Govoah hopes that the live stream will feed off the excitement of the biggest siyum in history and draw a record number of listeners.

“Start with us and learn the daf, even just for one day,” said Mr. Bornstein. “Rabbi Zlotowitz did so much for Daf Yomi through ArtScroll; let’s give him a day of learning in return.”

Those thoughts were echoed by Rabbi Moshe Elefant, chief operating officer of OU Kosher and magid shiur for the Orthodox Union’s Daf Yomi.

“Having taken the initiative to launch the new All Daf digital platform, the Orthodox Union is excited to join in this campaign to start the daf with Klal Yisroel,” said Rabbi Elefant. “Finishing my fourth cycle as a Daf Yomi magid shiur, I can attest to the fact
that the ArtScroll Schottenstein Edition Gemara is an enormous resource and we are honored to join with Klal Govoah this initiative to learn the first daf of Brachos in memory of Rabbi Zlotowitz.”

To sign up for the live stream, to find/add a local shiur or to subscribe to the daily recorded Daf Yomi Shiur visit Klal Govoah  online at

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