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To see the videos of the event: 

Congratulations to the winners of ArtScroll Schottenstein Digital Shas:


1. A. Rothman New York, NY

2. R. Goldberg Lakewood, NJ

3. S. Saplitsky Clifton, NJ

4. M Cohen Brooklyn, NY

5. G. Mazaroff Baltimore, MD 


Here are some useful resources to help you learn, know, and retain the Daf:


To hear Sruly Bornstein's daily Shiur, visit to download the “Lakewood Daf Yomi” App.


For a directory of Agudah resources and shiurim go to


To join Daf in review visit:

To download a printout of first 7 Blatt of Meseches Shabbos FREE click here.

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Ira Zlotowitz - Opening Remarks click here (7:48)

Rabbi Nosson Scherman - Divrei Bracha and Siyum on Mesechtas Berachos click here (18:49)

Rabbi Eytan Feiner - Divrei Chizuk click here (22:13)

Sruly Bornstein - Introduction to Mesechtas Shabbos click here (5:00)

Sruly Bornstein – Shiur on Daf Beis Mesechtas Shabbos click here (31:07)

Sruly Bornstein - Final Thoughts click here (10:00)

Jonny – Click here (9:00)

Ira Zlotowitz – Conclusion click here (3:50)

Full Program – Start Mesechta Shabbos click here (1:49:08)

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